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Slow Broadband? Tips to ensure your wiring isn’t at fault.

We often get calls from people who state their broadband isn’t very good or non existant in there properties. They have done the obvious calls to their Internet Service Providers who ultimately blame the wiring within the premises.

The purpose of this blog is to give you the ability to do some basic checks prior to phoning your ISP, arming you with the information they will likely want.

Step 1
Run a speed check to see what your current speed is, the following sites are useful for this –

BT Wholesale Speed Test
Which Broadband Speed Test
USwitch Broadband Speed Test

Step 2
Check your cabling, ideally you want your router to be plugged into a filter into an actual telephone socket not one of the pre-made extensions you can buy from outlets such as shown in the photo below.

The brittleness of the wiring doesn’t allow for your broadband signals to travel effectively and also these brittle legs can get damaged very quickly.

Step 3
Make sure your filtering is done correctly and if needs be replace your filter to ensure this isn’t the problem.

Step 4
The final step is to plug your router into your master socket and bypass your extensions.

Word of caution, don’t fiddle with the back of the master socket as this belongs to Openreach.

Where the red square is denoted on the picture above this is where you would plug your router into – this is called the test socket.

After you have checked all this, you will have the information your ISP will want in order to continue fault finding and potentially book an Openreach engineer to attend your property.

If you would like further advice or help please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are able to install new extension sockets and wiring as needed.


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