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Simple steps to looking after your Computer

We visit a lot of customers who’s computer issues could of been prevented by simple maintenance and at ServiceByte we like to pass on education to our clients, so that they aren’t having to pay for visits when they can prevent certain issues themselves.

Some IT or Computer engineers probably think we are crazy, helping our customers help themselves but then that means we don’t get paid for our services. We like to be different and education for us is the key.

In this latest blog we are just going to go over a few simple steps to help you keep your computer or laptop in it’s best possible shape, so let’s begin –

1. Anti-Virus is the key

Having a suitable and updated anti-virus program is extremely important, especially as people are getting more sophisticated in the way that they try to attack your device. Most major anti-virus companies offer a free version which will do enough to protect you.

We often recommend Avast to our clients, it’s free, functional and doesn’t make your device clunky or slow.

Avast Website

2. Clear your temporary internet files and cookies often

When your browsing the internet, you collect a lot of temporary internet files and cookies which over time store up and can cause a slowness. Make sure you are clearing these out frequently, think of it like a rubbish bin getting full, you empty this out regularly of the rubbish you have collected.

3. Dust your computer or laptop regularly

A lot of faults we attend is caused by over heating because of a build up of dust. The simple way to rectify this is once or twice a week just give the outer casing of your computer or laptop a brush over with a dust cloth, this just removes particles and stops a build up.

If you want to go the extra step, then you can get compressed air from your local supermarket and you can blow air around the inside of your unit to clear dust without the need of opening your device up.

4. Defrag your computer or laptop frequently

Make sure you run a defrag of your computer or laptop on a regular basis. This will allow for bad sectors of your hard drive to repair themselves. With most defrag programs on your computer or laptop you can set a schedule for the process to happen automatically.

5. Turn your computer off, don’t leave it on standby overnight

This final step is the most important. Don’t leave your computer or laptop on standby overnight, it will cause uneccessary over heating and problems within your unit. This can cause damage to components and lead to hefty repair bills.

We have looked at 5 points but there are so many more to looking after your computer or laptop. If after reading this you want to some further advice or would like us to complete a PC Health Check on your device, please feel free to contact us.


What Our Clients Say...

Excellent understanding of my requirements; helpful; and empowering me to undertake much of the non-specialist work. Really pleased to have an enduring business relationship. Third Life Economics, Navenby

James sorted out problems before, as I thought virus had visited this time, James checked the system assured I was OK, and sorted out half dozens programmes to my satisfaction, easy to contact and recommend his services fully. P May, Navenby

First class service from James yet again. He came out at short notice to resolve yet another Microsoft Update issue which left me stranded! many thanks James, highly recommended. Martyn Bingle, Harmston